The Work Space: The Soho Collective

The Soho Collective

If you are a freelancer or one-man band and have had it up to here working in your ‘home office’ (aka back bedroom), then you will be interested in The Soho Collective, a brand, spanking new… what are we calling this? Concept? It’s located above Ed’s, in that gorgeous tiled Edwardian building looking right down the middle of Old Compton Street, just minutes from Soho House, The Groucho, The Ivy and pretty much everywhere you need to be, and, set over three beautifully done out floors (we’re talking Moooi chandelier, retro lightbulbs, Eames furniture), it has desk space, a bar area for meetings and events and even a roof terrace.

More than that (and more than the sunniness and those unparalleled views down The OCS), it is a community of creatives, meaning that networking is the order of the day every day, with special events set up to introduce members to handy contacts (and – just between us – these guys are seriously well connected).

If you’re interested in very reasonably priced desk space – either by the month or on an easy day rate – or you’d like to check out an event space that would be perfect for launches, parties, castings, conferences, you name it, email and arrange a visit.

The Soho Collective

The Soho Collective

The Soho Collective

The Soho Collective


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One Response to The Work Space: The Soho Collective

  1. I am interested in finding out more about the Soho Collective and coming along to have a look at the space and discuss possibilities.

    Martin Feaver
    Empowerment Coach.

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