The Exhibition: The Cult of Beauty

V&A, Cult of Beauty

‘To me, beauty is the wonder of wonders. It’s only shallow people who do not judge by appearances,’ said Oscar Wilde, the patron saint of the aesthetic movement that is being celebrated – nay, feted – over at the Victoria & Albert Museum in a new exhibition. It’s called The Cult of Beauty and it covers that whole late 19th century period where people were giddy on drapery, drunk on the idea of a wilting flower and generally overcome by anything with a lot of flounce and frou-frou about it. Featuring work by the likes of Aubrey Beardsley, various pre-Rafaelites, William Morris and anyone for whom the word ‘decadent’ could be applied, it is an overload for the senses and begins this Saturday. Book your tickets here.

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