The Club: Circus

Circus, Paramount

Probably the most phenomenal phenomena in gay clubs this side of 2001, Circus has, over five slinky shiny sparkly years, become a byword for the most fashionable revelry known to gaykind-and-his-carefully-selected-friends. And it’s not often we use the word ‘byword’, so you know we mean it.

Swishing its hips – gently to begin with, more as the night progresses – atop CentrePoint at the dishy Paramount club, Circus has a knack of attracting all the right people in all the right clothes, some of them not afraid of colour, and some of whom can be seen queueing round the block come letting in time. Which his our subtle way of telling you that Circus is back this Saturday (26th) with a night Maitre D’ of the whole shebang Jodie Harsh has named ‘Venus’ ie. a celebration of all things lady-like (interpret at your will).

There’s even a fake nail bar.

*dramatic pause*

Circus @ Paramount

10pm – 4am

Tickets available from Unconditional+, Monmouth Street, 16 Monmouth Street, WC2H 9DD

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