The (Other) TV Show: Spartacus

Spartacus on Sky

Don’t judge us if we tell you that our dirtiest guilty pleasure is Sky’s Spartacus, a sand and sandals carry-on that makes The Tudors seem like the work of a trained archeologist. But even though it wouldn’t pass the Dame David Starkey test for historical accuracy, if it’s burly oiled up slave men wrestling around to the death in a dusty arena while the grubby masses of ancient Rome throw in their two-penny’s worth that rock your rocker, then there’s no better place to direct your gaze.

The new series starting on Sky1 HD (for once, the HD is worth having!) on Monday at 10pm is called Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and is in fact a prequel to the first series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It stars John Hannah as a slave master who will stop at nothing to make sure his gladiators are the hottest in the business.

Expect blood that shoots out like fireworks, muscles toned so tight you could bounce pennies off them and storylines as ridiculous as John Hannah in a shortie dress. Delicious!

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