The Cabaret: I Love You But We Only Have 14 Minutes To Save The Earth

David Hoyle, 14 Minutes

It’s a line-up to put fear into the very soul, a collection of ne’er-do-wells (who, ironically, do most things very well indeed), scary monsters and super freaks rounded up into one secure location to unleash their crazy on the world at large. And it’s called I Love You But We Only Have 14 Minutes To Save The Earth.

Headed up by the divine David Hoyle, and bulked up by bearded lady Timberlina, icon, activist, gentleman and acrobat Bette Bourne, video artist Kate Pelling and last but not least, never least, Fancy Chance (last seen bagging the Alternative Miss World title) it is a one-off evening of live and video performances the likes of which you will not have seen unless you have found yourself on hands and knees after chucking out time around Shoreditch way.

Each act has just fourteen minutes to save the planet, with each performance developed and directed by Nathan Evans of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s pantomime fame. It all takes place from 7pm this Sunday, 20th March, at the Oval House Theatre in south London. Which some taxis will go to.

Buy tickets here.

ps. It’s only a fiver. Yes, a fiver. *doesn’t quite know where to look*

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