The Film: Don’t Look Now

Don't Look Now, Julie Christie

An almost fail-safe litmus test for whether someone has a touch of the cultural nous to them is their reaction when you’re wearing your favourite hooded red clobber. ‘It’s very Don’t Look Now!’ is a good thing; it’s very ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ deserves a 360 out of there. ‘It’s very Maria off Coronation Street/Paddington Bear!’, however, is nice in a knowingly camp sort of way.

Digressions aside, Nicolas Roeg’s genius 1973 thriller, Don’t Look Now, is being shown at the Haymarket Cineworld as part of Time Out‘s ten-week season of Great British films, each introduced by a famous turn. This time it’s David Morrissey (he of Nowhere Boy and State of Play turns), and if you haven’t seen it at least 14 times already – and even if you have – you really ought to pop down and get your fill of the creepy girl in the red jacket, even if it’s just so you know what people are talking about when they say, ‘That’s so Don’t Look Now!’.

And we didn’t even mention that scene. You know, that one.

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