The Product: Sisley for Men

Sisley for Men

To paraphrase someone quite far down the cast-list on an episode of Ab Fab who was reading the ingredients and claims on the side of a jar of face cream once, we don’t know what any of it means but it’s forcing us to believe it.

We’re speaking, of course, about Sisley’s new anti-ageing range, which moisturizes, teases, provokes and ultimately marches the male skin at gunpoint away from the whole ageing process. Because, as they say at Sisley, even though the male skin takes longer to age, once it does, those lines are so deep that you could actually fall down them pothole-style (well, it doesn’t quite say that…)

What they propose is this rather pricey formula that is both an aftershave and an anti-ageing product which leaves the skin visibly more resistant and energised. And more importantly, rejuvenated. It’s all down to the cocktail of active ingredients rich in trace elements that give skin even thinking of ageing a good sharp kick to wake its ideas up.

Buy it from Selfridges at a cool and reassuring £150. You look scientifically more beautiful just thinking about it!

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