The Party: Jake Studio 52 Opening Party

Studio 52, Hoxton

If you are a lover of art (by loads of white hot contemporaries), parties (by we humble folks at Jake), wine (by Barefoot) and great nights out (thank Hoxton, thank London, thank life!) then you will have the date 4th March emblazoned on… wherever it is you’re having things emblazoned these days. For 4th March – or March 4th, works either way round for us! – is the day of Jake’s first ever art party.

Called Studio 52, it’s at a trendily unreconstructed warehouse type party (don’t worry – there will be proper canapés) at… wait for it… 52 Hoxton Square, down Shoreditch way (no ridiculous haircut necessary).

It’s RSVP only – click here to R, s’il vous plait – and starts at 7pm, though if you’re serious about the art and want to talk to the artists and maybe invest in their work, arrive at 6pm. See you down there.

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One Response to The Party: Jake Studio 52 Opening Party

  1. John Lewis says:

    “… by we humble folks at Jake.”
    “by we” ?
    Come on, you can do better than this. If we ruin our language, communication becomes impossib

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