The Film: Howl

Howl, James Franco

Can James Franco do anything wrong? (Nobody mention the books. Or the paintings.) No, he can’t. Which is why we are all over Howl like body lotion.

Howl is the 127 Hours actor’s new movie and what a movie it is. He plays gay poet Allen Ginsberg, whose epic poem Howl (there’s that word again!) is on trial for obscenity. Running parallel to the trial is Ginsberg’s coming to grips with being gay in the big bad city and not quite coming to grips with drugs which are sending him (and us!) on crazy, surrealistic animated trips.

Co-starring Jon Hamm, who you’re already in love with from Mad Men (admit it: it’s the first step to a cure), it’s challenging, intelligent, visually out-there… and it has James Franco in it!

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