The Gig: Marlena Shaw

Marlena Shaw

Look at that face. Pure trouble. Well, as some shabby rocker once sang, b-b-baby you ain’t seen n-nothing yet. Marlena Shaw is a soul/jazz legend who, decades after her last hit (not that those hits haven’t been recycled endlessly) is still cramming them in at the capital’s top soul/jazz joints.

Pitching up at Ronnie Scott’s from 30th March, expect songs like California Soul, Woman of the Ghetto (the one that goes ‘gong-gong-gong-gong-gong-gong-gong-gong remember me-e-e’) and the one we’ll all be waiting for Yu Ma/Go Away Little Boy, the ‘I Will Survive’-a-like that’s always preceded by the most intricate and hilarious soul rap which changes with each telling. It’s ghetto, it’s fabulous and it is highly hilarious.

Pure unbridled enjoyment for anyone who enjoys the click
of a heavily manicured finger.

Book tickets here.

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