The Classic: Walters and Bennett

Julie Walters

When Julie Walters and Alan Bennett do it together, you know full well it’s been done. And been done properly. Which is why the clever old National Film Theatre – or NFT for extra snappiness – is laying on a one-night-only compilation of the work of Mesdemoiselles Walters and Bennett, which cannot be missed not even for ready money.

Made up of three pieces, the evening kicks off with Say Something Happened, a barely seen classic co-starring Thora Hird and Hugh Lloyd about an inept social worker visiting a couple in their own home. Secrets are so thick in the air you can smell them.

Then there is Julie’s first Talking Head, Her Big Chance, where she plays a self-deluding actress being hoodwinked (we know, she’s oblivious) into pornography. And it wraps with her second Talking Head, The Outside Dog, a sinister tale of a wife starting to realise her husband has a very dark secret.

Some of the best TV ever screened (and one in the eye for those who won’t have a goggle box in the house!), Walters & Bennett is at NFT2 at 5.50pm on 25th February. Which is next Friday.

Book tickets here.

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One Response to The Classic: Walters and Bennett

  1. Frank Busson says:

    I think you’ll find it’s the BFI, not NFT

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