The Hotel: A Room For London

The Hotel: A Room For London

It’s not quite a boat, not quite a hotel room, not quite art and yet, somehow, it’s a little bit of all three. It is the winner of the A Room For London competition and, come next year, you will be able to stay in it, perched on top of Queen Elizabeth Hall looking out over the Thames. But for one night only!

Charmingly naïve and on the sort of real estate money literally can’t buy (not even Russian money! Not even Candy brothers money!), you will be able to request your reservation from 8th September this year.

As you arrive, a flag will be raised to signal your occupancy and you will be invited to fill in a log book to record your experiences while in the room (keep it clean! Please!)

It’s all a bit of a jolly old lark courtesy of David Kohn Architects and artist Fiona Banner and, will probably be a gem of the London 2012 Festival, and hopefully sets the tone for everything Olympic-related next year.

A Room For London

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One Response to The Hotel: A Room For London

  1. Great idea, just hope to spend the night wont be at Candy brothers prices!

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